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Modern research suggests that about 77% of people, falling within the age group of 35-54 years, have at least one missing tooth because of an accident, tooth decay, gum disease or dental fractures. To treat a missing tooth, there are two main options available:

–         Dental Implants

–         Dentures

Dental implants are replacement tooth roots, which are used to substitute original tooth roots – they are more permanent in nature. Whereas, dentures are merely a substitution for missing teeth, which a person can take out and put back in the mouth, whenever.

However, over the recent years, dental implants procedure has become widely popular. Although, ultimate function of dental implants and dentures is quite similar, implants are greatly preferred in comparison to dentures.

There are manifold reasons for the widespread fame and practice of dental implants procedure:

–         If a missing tooth is left unattended, bone stimulation, at the site of the tooth loss stops. As the part of the jaw bone, which once accommodated the now lost tooth, is no longer recipient to any physical stimulation, deterioration of bone structure starts occurring there.

Dental implants surrogate the original tooth roots. This brings the process of resorption (breakage of original bone) under control, as the implant is now acting as a natural root. Dentures are not integrated into the roots. Instead they are positioned above the gums. Hence, they are incapable of offering any defence against jaw bone corrosion.

–         A dental implant is fixed in its position. It acts as a natural tooth; therefore, it is not needed to take out the implant from mouth, specifically for cleaning. This protects the surrounding teeth from any unnecessary damage.

A denture is required to be taken out of the mouth (and then placed back) for cleaning and maintenance purposes. This movement of dentures in an out of the mouth can result in wearing out of the adjoining natural teeth.

–         Titanium is used to make dental implants, which means they are stronger as compared to dentures that are made up of porcelain. Thus, it is highly unlikely for the implants to break away. Also, due to their durable and resilient properties, they don’t need to be replaced at the interval of few years, unlike dentures.

–         Dental implants appear, feel and function like one’s original teeth. Such a feeling and sensation of ease is non-existent in the case of dentures.

–         As the dental implant is embedded into the jawbone and is not removable, it allows the patients to eat whatever they feel like, without any fear of the implant slipping away from its post. However, it saves its user from any unwanted social embarrassment, as well.

On the contrary, dentures are quite often reported to slide away while eating and speaking. This is because dentures are not fixed, and are kept in their position by use of just an adhesive. This restricts the person using the dentures to the type of food, which won’t require exerting too much pressure on the teeth, and lead to dislocating the denture easily.


At Alexandra Park Dental Practice we are offer Dental Implants. Our dentists are experienced and we use high quality implant material.  Call us on 02088 29 8555 or visit our website to book a Free Consultation.

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