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Many people suffer unknowingly from gum-related problems as the signs are often painless, and individuals are unaware that anything is amiss.

Over time, gum illness will typically cause teeth quality to reduce and, eventually, the loss of the affected teeth.
A build of microorganisms causes gum illness in the plaque and calculus(tartar) on your teeth.
At Alexandra Park Dental Practice in Wood Green, we consider the diagnosis and prevention of gum disease a priority. Healthy gums are the foundation for all the work we do.
Our highly trained and motivated dental hygienists work closely with our patients to achieve the best possible results.
With your cooperation, expertise, skill and gentle techniques, we will help you maintain a healthy mouth and keep your teeth for life.
Our hygienist services have two key advantages for our patients:
  1. Our hygienist treats patients with gum illness by offering deep gum treatments over a series of visits. This, combined with oral care recommendations, will facilitate the stabilisation of gum illness.
  2. Our hygienists perform regular scaling and polishing of your teeth. This gives your teeth a clean feel and also helps to get rid of any tarter.
To book your regular hygienist visit, please call us on 020 8829 8555.

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