How to find a dentist

How to find a dentist  How to find a dentist you are happy with and can trust is harder than you think. Dentistry is a very personal experience. You place your full trust into a professional’s expert hands and rely on them to make the correct decisions for you. You rely on their good advice […]

How to manage an infected socket or dry socket

How to manage an infected socket or dry socket As part of the COVID-19 response and in view of not being able to provide routine dental care, many patients in pain are having their teeth removed to relive their pain. If the tooth removal has been particularly difficult, it may lead to a dry socket […]

Tooth Cap or Crown Comes off during COVID19

How to manage when a tooth crown or cap comes off A tooth crown [ or cap] is placed by a dentist on your tooth for several reasons. It may be for the protection of the underlying tooth or cosmetic improvement. There are several different varieties and materials of such crowns made from metal, gold, […]

Wisdom Tooth Pain during COVID 19

    How do I manage wisdom tooth pain during the COVID-19 crisis? Wisdom teeth are the last teeth in the back of the mouth and are described as the third molars. There is one in each part of the mouth i.e. upper right and left and lower right and left. They are the last […]


DRINKING ALCOHOL As a matter of first importance, no measure of brushing will shield your teeth from damage on the off chance that you don’t drink with some self-control. Unnecessary alcohol utilization can bring about cavities, gum disintegration, and tooth loss. As a matter of fact, the dentist can, as a rule, identify early indications […]


We consider brushing our teeth as no task. We practice is daily. If someone asks us how hard is brushing your teeth, our reply would be that it is a piece of cake. Well, brushing isn’t that simple. There are few things which you need to focus on and a few tips which you must […]

Different Types of Teeth Whitening

In the wake of technology and progression, nowadays people make an effort to invest in themselves to look better, sharper and more hygienic. From employees to high-powered executives people are more concerned about their dental hygiene and find ways to improve it. In the ever growing field of cosmetic dentistry, the most popular treatment happens […]

How to get a beautiful smile

It is not an over-exaggeration that a person with a bright smile looks younger and attractive. According to several studies and surveys, it is believed that a pleasant smile makes a person a lot more appealing. However, great dental health goes past the way you look. The mouth is the entryway to the body, which […]

Habits that ruin your teeth

There are certain habits or activities that can wreck your teeth, damage your jaw and ruin your oral health. These habits must be eliminated from your life as soon as possible because your teeth are one of those cherished things that you just cannot afford to lose. So here is the list of habits that […]

The importance of age one dental visit for the baby

The sooner children get their regular dental checkups, the healthier their mouths stay throughout their lives. Prevention is the best possible treatment to many of the body ailments and staying up to date with your physical health can waive off many harmful medical issues that might have remained undetected without professional care. Preventive dentistry is […]