As a matter of first importance, no measure of brushing will shield your teeth from damage on the off chance that you don’t drink with some self-control. Unnecessary alcohol utilization can bring about cavities, gum disintegration, and tooth loss. As a matter of fact, the dentist can, as a rule, identify early indications of alcohol abuse in the outlook of the condition of the gums and teeth.

Drinking liquor causes many problems including lack of hydration, and sugar-packed blended beverages.

Hard liquor is regularly presented with sugary mixtures like soft drinks, juices, and carbonated drinks. This sugar causes tooth decay. Likewise, alcohol causes dehydration, which also affects the mouth resulting is reduced saliva production, which brings about dry mouth. Salivation washes away and breaks up every one of the bacteria in your mouth from the sugary blenders in your beverages, so don’t belittle the essentialness of this.

Researchers show that many individuals, especially adults, go to bed without brushing their teeth following a night on the town. That implies all that sugar stays on the teeth throughout the night and can truly do a number, so in case will drink, make sure to brush your teeth a short time later before you go to bed.

Drinking loads of water at the same time while you are drinking alcohol will shield you from getting to be plainly intoxicated too soon in the night, and it will likewise help wash away a portion of the sugars and acids that are being expended.

Moreover, liquor prolongs the healing procedure. In the event that you are harmed, or are recovering from a surgery, full recovery will take more time for the individuals who frequently consume alcohol rather than the individuals who don’t.


On to cigarettes bad breath and yellow teeth are just the superficials after effects of smoking. There are other all the more expensive, upsetting, and risky symptoms.

Since you breathe in the smoke through your mouth, your mouth is nicotine focal and that is additionally where the addictive and undesirable things in a cigarette access whatever is left of your body.

Periodontal disease, or gum disease, is a major issue for smokers. It can turn out to be intense and prompt significantly more hazardous conditions too. Smoking bothers gum tissue and decreases blood flow to the gums which causes harm and can bring about gums pulling far from the base of the teeth. Smoking may represent around 75% of periodontal sickness in grown-ups. In case you smoke, you are at seven times more serious hazard than the individuals who don’t. Used smoke can likewise put you at a higher danger of periodontal disease.

One of the first and most observable signs is gum recession. It can uncover the roots of the teeth, which leaves them prone to attack against tooth decay and disease. You may likewise encounter some increased sensitivity in your teeth, sometimes becoming severe.

Gums will never stop deteriorating as long as one is smoking. As disintegration furthers, bacterial development builds which prompts bad breath, cavities, mouth sores, infections and plaque development. In the event that plaque stays on the teeth sufficiently long, it hardens, turns into tartar, and disturbs the teeth and gums.




We consider brushing our teeth as no task. We practice is daily. If someone asks us how hard is brushing your teeth, our reply would be that it is a piece of cake. Well, brushing isn’t that simple. There are few things which you need to focus on and a few tips which you must never forget.

So, let’s have a look at top mistakes which we have been making for all this time.

  1. Using a wrong brush

It is a misconception that the harder the bristles, the better it’s going to brush. Hard bristles do no extra work other than damaging your gums. It is advised that you go for the brush with soft bristles and a small head which will allow it to reach out to end areas of the mouth and will help remove debris and plaque.

  1. Using an old toothbrush

Our toothbrush grasps loads of bacteria and must be replaced every 3 to 4 months. Given that your immune system is weak and you fall ill often, replace your toothbrush more often then. Also, don’t forget to replace your brush if it has damaged bristles.

  1. Brushing your teeth too often

You should be brushing your teeth twice a day; once in the morning before having your breakfast and the other at night before going to bed. Remember not to eat anything once you have brushed your teeth at night. (You can drink water, though)

  1. Using your brush in the wrong way

The perfect angle is 45 degree to hold your brush which brushing your teeth. The gums can be cleaned in a line and gently this way.

  1. Brushing too quickly

Don’t rush into brushing your teeth. Give it at least 2 minutes. To keep yourself glued to it for this time, play your favorite song in the background and brush till it finishes.

  1. Using the wrong toothpaste

Fluoride toothpaste is the most recommended toothpaste as it prevents tooth decay. However, you can visit our dentist and he/ she can prescribe one according to the type of teeth you have.

  1. Rinsing just after brushing

The best way to get most of the benefits of fluoride toothpaste is to not rinse right after brushing, rather spit and leave your mouth minty.

  1. Not cleaning your tongue

People mostly miss out on cleaning their tongues and don’t consider it that important. However, it is recommended that you brush your tongue too as it helps fight bad breath problems. What better excuse do you need than this?

  1. Keeping your toothbrush away from toilet area

Keep your brush at least 2 to 3 meters away from the toilet seat as the germs from there tend to fly and get stored on your brush and you surely don’t want to have a taste of it. It is better to keep it closed away in a cupboard.

At Alexandra Park Dental Practice, we offer Hygienist appointments, so you can discuss your oral regime with our friendly clinicians. Call us on 020 8829 8555 to book your appointment.
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Different Types of Teeth Whitening

In the wake of technology and progression, nowadays people make an effort to invest in themselves to look better, sharper and more hygienic. From employees to high-powered executives people are more concerned about their dental hygiene and find ways to improve it. In the ever growing field of cosmetic dentistry, the most popular treatment happens to be teeth whitening. There is a variety of range from dental bleaching to other solutions which can be applied according to the need and budget of the client. Teeth whitening has far-reaching effects on the personality and confidence of the individual. However, it is not everlasting and need a follow up for a retouch. There are different kind of procedures available to whiten your smile.

Custom Fit Tray Bleaching: This is the most affordable and reliable method available. In this procedure, the individual is allowed to wear a plastic gum for 2-3 hours every day for a week according to the dentist. On the inside of the wearable is a gel that touches your teeth and does the magic.

Whitening Strips: This method is widely available over the counter without prescription. They are easy to use as they look like a scotch tape which is to be applied onto the teeth except that it contains bleaching agents which whiten the teeth. It is safe to read the instructions on the manual first before hastening into applying the strip.

Britesmile Teeth Whitening: This a product specially designed to cater the needs of the individual and makes the work of the dentist easy. The main kit contains two parts. One for the dentist and one for the individual. The dentist’s kit contains a gel which after evenly applying on the teeth, a light is shined on them. The individual’s kit contains maintaining products and gargling mixtures prolong the effect of whitening.

Whitening Toothpaste: They may look ordinary but they are specialized to make your teeth whiter. They are expensive and may need a dentist’s prescription to get them. They may require you follow a set of instruction on the manual or from the dentist after a certain procedure. To get the maximum effect.

Laser Bleaching: Firstly all the teeth are cleared of any tartar. This is a sensitive procedure as it is performed near the gum line. A specialized peroxide gel is applied evenly on the teeth and then the laser is used to activate the gel. The laser acts as facilitator to the chemical reaction to enhance the beauty of your smile.

At Alexandra Park Dental Practice we offer a teeth whitening for our patients. Please call us on 02088 29 8555 or visit our website to book your appointment.


How to get a beautiful smile

It is not an over-exaggeration that a person with a bright smile looks younger and attractive. According to several studies and surveys, it is believed that a pleasant smile makes a person a lot more appealing.

beauitful smileHowever, great dental health goes past the way you look. The mouth is the entryway to the body, which implies that the condition of your teeth and gums influences your general wellbeing. By following the below steps closely to get a better looking smile, you’ll be doing your body a great favour too.  


Brushing is the foundation of dental cleanliness. It expels food particles that bacteria feed upon, cleans teeth, and refreshes breath. Toothpaste with fluoride reinforces teeth, yet you should brush for no less than two minutes to permit it to do its work.


Flossing expels the microscopic organisms from in between your teeth, places that toothbrush cannot reach, which prevents gum infection. Dentists prescribe flossing twice every day, except on the off chance that you just do it once daily, make sure to floss before sleep time. When you rest, you create less saliva, which leaves teeth and gums especially exposed to bacteria.


Visit your dentist twice per year for intensive dental cleanings. Your dentist can recognize the early indications of gum illness, which can be treated if diagnosed in early stages. But if you are inclined to gum illness and pits, consider going by your dental practitioner at regular intervals.

Likewise, on the off chance that you have other health conditions that put you at higher hazard for dental issues, (for example, diabetes, HIV, tumor, or chemotherapy), ask your dentist how frequently you should come up for an examination. A unique dental-cleanliness regimen must be considered for pregnant ladies, individuals with diabetes, and anybody experiencing chemotherapy treatment or utilizing meds that can influence the gums, (for example, antiepileptics) or dry out the mouth (counting some psychiatric prescriptions).


Take in a lot of dairy and other calcium-rich products, similar to sardines and kale, in your diet. Where calcium keeps up solid bones and teeth, vitamin C in citrus organic products helps gum health.

Just as important to what you do eat is the thing that you don’t. Sugary and sticky stuff that adhere to the crevice of your teeth are especially awful, as microscopic organisms sustain off the sugars and discharge acids that cause cavities. In case you do eat sweets or different desserts, make sure to brush quickly a while later or, if that is impractical, wash your mouth with water.


People who smoke are at a four times greater risk to get oral diseases as compared to the non-smokers. Moreover, smokeless tobacco raises chances of oral cancers which includes lips, cheeks, gums etc. Besides all the severe effects, smoking also causes bad breath.


While the advantages are exclusively cosmetic, with today’s items, brightening is an extremely safe strategy that won’t hurt your teeth. Over-the-counter whitening items are powerful for minor decolouring; proficient quality whitening items are better for more-serious yellowing.


It is a fact that when a person meets you the first thing they notice is your smile so you got to have a nice bright smile in order to leave a good impression. Cosmetic dentistry have made is possible even if you have any flaws.


Habits that ruin your teeth

There are certain habits or activities that can wreck your teeth, damage your jaw and ruin your oral health. These habits must be eliminated from your life as soon as possible because your teeth are one of those cherished things that you just cannot afford to lose. So here is the list of habits that you need to avoid as they wreck your teeth.

Chewing on Ice

Chewing on ice may appear to be a harmless habit but it can completely damage your teeth with tiny cracks. Over time these cracks may grow larger and ultimately lead to a tooth fracture.  Resist the temptations to chew on ice and avoid drinks with ice instead go for chilled drinks.

Playing Sports without Mouth Guard

Wearing a mouthguard when you are going on the field to play a game is as important as wearing a helmet when you are riding a bike. These protective body and mouth gear have a purpose and that is to keep you safe from potential risks during games. Your teeth are vulnerable to falling out or being damaged from high impact sports such as soccer, hockey, cricket etc. Sports guard helps to cushion the hard blows that may be received by your teeth or jaw.

Bedtime Bottles                     

These might be effective tools to get your baby to sleep but the fact is that bedtime bottles can increase the risk of early decay in children. Prolonged exposure to sugar contents may lead to decay of the enamel. Also, bedtime bottles and your child’s constant sucking on the bottle can damage the jaw structure.

Tongue Piercings

Tongue piercings are highly discouraged by the dentists as they can cause teeth to chip or break during the dental process. Piercings can also rub against the gums and cause gum recession. Mouth jewelry is known to build up bacteria in the mouth resulting in an unhealthy mouth environment.

Teeth Grinding

Grinding teeth or clenching teeth is a disorder known as “Bruxism” which happens at night. It puts immense pressure on teeth and jaw leading to pain. It is recommended that affected people should wear a custom made mouthguard at night in order to prevent the damage and also reduce  the pressure on teeth.

Soda Obsession

High sugar and acid content is a horrible duo for the teeth. Frequent drinking of soda bathes the teeth in sugar and leads to dental decay. Also increased exposure to soda can lead to tooth enamel erosion. It is best to avoid sodas and if you must drink them, then it is advised to lessen the frequency. After drinking, rinse your mouth with water. You can also protect your teeth by drinking acidic beverages with straws.

All these habits and much more contribute to tooth erosion, enamel destruction and a poor oral health which is why it is best to avoid them as much as possible.


bad habits

The importance of age one dental visit for the baby

The sooner children get their regular dental checkups, the healthier their mouths stay throughout their lives. Prevention is the best possible treatment to many of the body ailments and staying up to date with your physical health can waive off many harmful medical issues that might have remained undetected without professional care. Preventive dentistry is mandatory not just for the adults but also children and infants. Early checkups can help prevent cavities and tooth decay in children as it is the most common problem of young children. Cavities cause great pain, trouble concentrating and also other medical issues. Children who have healthy teeth tend to chew easily, learn to speak clearly and also smile with confidence.

We recommend all parents to bring the child for its first dental checkup by the age 1 or as soon as the first tooth appear. Having the infant’s mouth checked can greatly help parents or caregivers know how to keep the child’s mouth cavity-free and how to evaluate any adverse habits such as thumbsucking.

Dentists see many young patients with cavities that usually come from falling asleep with the bottle of milk or juice in mouth. Such incidents help the parents to educate them and know what causes the decay as the dentists explains the problem to them. The dentist also encourages the parents to understand the importance of drinking from the cup as early as possible, preferably  by the first birthday of the child. The proper manner of brushing the teeth of the youngster is also told to the parents with demonstration.

Tooth decay is the most chronic disease among children today. Our dentist recommends the mothers to stop breastfeeding during the night time especially after the teeth have come out. Children are the most likely to suffer from preventable dental decay and with a few measures and care by the parents and dentists, they can easily stay away from these problems.

It is a fact that early examinations and the identification of high-risk children by the dentists could be followed by the right interventions such as fluoride varnish, treatments of small cavities and also the most important of all- proper education of the parents and the caregivers. All these combined can reduce the long-term costs and the pains associated with undiagnosed decay and dental problems in future.

Begin alife time of healthy, pain-free smiles for your child on his first birthday. For more information or to make an appointment, call us on 020 8829 8555 and our friendly team will be able to help.

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Reasons for considering a facial rejuvenation treatment

Facial Rejuvenation is the use of different cosmetic procedures which restores your facial features to their previous youthful look. Cosmetic Dentists use the insights of facial rejuvenation to enhance dental procedures and smiles of the patients. Mostly Non-surgical procedures which include botox can be used for volume enhancement and eradication of wrinkles.

Here is why you should consider Facial Rejuvenation Treatment;

  •        If you wish to reverse the signs of aging and restore your youthful appearance
  •        If there is loss of volume in your cheekbones and contour along your jaw line
  •        If there are fine lines or folds around the mouth, frown lines on the forehead and crow’s feet
  •        If there is wrinkles around the eyes

At Alexandra Park dental practice we wish to assist our clients in making your facial rejuvenation decision. There are many reasons to opt it or not opt for it. It all depends on you! If you have been wishing for a perfect Hollywood smile without any fine lines or wrinkles ruining the look, then you should talk to us. We will discuss the pros and cons of the various procedures and let you decide you for yourself.


Enhancing Your Appearance

The elective methods of Facial rejuvenation can help you look and feel your best. Our cosmetic dentists usually see patients who do not just want a pearly white smile but also a flawless facial structure without the appearance of fine lines.

Boost Self Confidence

It is a known fact that if you feel good in your skin and with your look you are more likely to be  self-confident. Facial rejuvenation does just that for you! It can magically turn back time for you, boosting your self-confidence which usually withers away with age.

Fight Aging

The society today aims for processes and treatments that fight aging. Spots, lines and wrinkles on the face are all signs of aging. What could be a better way to fight aging than Facial rejuvenation treatments? Some of the treatments do require surgery but there are simpler ones, which are preferred by many cosmetic dentists as they are minimally invasive and also highly effective. With just one or two treatments you can be on the way to a younger version of you!

If you feel that cosmetic dentistry which is assisted with facial treatments is the right option for you then speak to our friendly dentists. Give us a call or request for an appointment by clicking here and we’ll make sure that you get the right sort of assistance. Currently, we are offering special prices on facial rejuvenation treatment, for any three area £150.

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The Top Reasons for Tooth Pain

A toothache may range from mild to throbbing and have various underlying reasons to it but the fact remains that it is one of the most common dental complaints all over the world. People of all ages may undergo tooth pain at some point. The reason behind the ache may be different but the mechanism is more or less the same. The nerves around the affected tooth send out a warning while responding to specific stimuli, creating a sensation to inform you that something is not right. A toothache is one of the major reasons that take you to the dentist. Many people falsely believe that the only reason the tooth causes discomfort is when it is decaying. However, the truth is, there are many reasons that your teeth might be aching and in order to treat them right you must know the reason behind them.

  1.        Tooth Decay

The most common reason, but definitely not the only one; tooth decay is caused by small cavities which may penetrate the enamel, affecting the inner layer of the tooth making it highly sensitive. The further the decay penetrates, the sharper is the pain.

  1.        Gum Disease

Gum diseases cause red, bleeding or inflamed gums and in advanced stages start to cause a toothache in adjoining teeth even if the teeth are healthy.

  1.        Falls or accidents

Accidents can lead to fractures or broken teeth which may not be noticeable. The fracture lines run deep through the pulp which causes severe ache. Also, there are times plaque or bacteria may accumulate in the crack which causes decay and toothache.

  1.        Cracked tooth syndrome

There are cracks that may be concealed and too small to be noticed in the X-rays.  These usually result by bad chewing habits, teeth grinding, tooth injury etc. These cracks are very small in size but can cause severe pain when you chew.

  1.        Tooth Grinding

Also known as Bruxism is due to extreme stress on the teeth when chewing causing them to weaken, chip or wear down. This results in pain in the teeth, jaw and even muscles.

  1.        Improper brushing

Improper brushing causes the teeth and gums to detach and roots to be exposed which cause extreme sensitivity to cold or heat.

  1.        Impacted Wisdom Teeth

When a wisdom tooth erupts it causes a lot of pain if there is no place or space for it to erupt. It can also put pressure on adjacent tooth causing pain and misalignment in the entire jaw. Bacteria could also grow to cause further infections.

  1.        Crooked tooth

The misaligned or crooked tooth can also cause a toothache.

  1.        Orthodontic treatments

Sometimes your orthodontic treatment such as adjustment of braces could also cause pain for some time.

  1.       Other reasons

Sometimes your toothache might not be because of any oral problem but because of conditions in other parts of the body like sinuses, heart problem etc. It is rare but possible.

To book your regular checkups call our friendly team on 0208 829 8555 visit our website to book your appointment.

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Foods that are causing tooth discoloration

Our teeth are the first to come in contact with the foods we eat which makes them highly vulnerable and susceptible to stains since the enamel of teeth is porous. Colors of the food and drinks are absorbed by the teeth and stains become embedded leading to a yellow appearance. However it is not just the foods we eat that need to be considered for tooth color but also the acidity of them. All those foods and beverages which are acidic can make a huge difference to the teeth color. If a food or drink could leave permanent stain on clothes or carpets than your teeth are no different. Also the temperature of the foods or drink we take in makes a huge difference as it enables the tooth to contract or expand accordingly making penetrations of the stains easier.

Here are a few foods or beverages which are very common in our diets and are causing tooth discoloration.

Tea : Tea has a lot of staining power because of its high tannin content and the fact that it is drank at high temperatures just adds to its staining power. To avoid damage to your teeth it is advised to go for green or white herbal teas instead of dark colored teas.

Coffee: Coffee has a dark color and acidic natures which easily gets on the tooth enamel. Drinking it with milk may lower its staining power.

Red Wine: Wine can reduce inflammation and may be good for gum disease but its dark color and high tannins content makes it stain your teeth.

Fruit Juices: Juices especially the darker ones like Cranberry and Grapes leave color to the teeth and tongue. Eating whole fruit is more tooth friendly.

Coloured Candy: Candies that are hard and colored along with popsicles contain a lot of colorants which are transferred to the tooth enamel and absorbed into it. Try opting for sugarless gums with no artificial colors for healthier teeth.

Dressings, Soy Sauce and Balsamic Vinegar: Dark liquids that you add to your food, especially acidic ones, leave behind nasty stains. Opt for lighter colored condiments such as rice vinegar or lemon.

Ketchup and tomato sauce: Tomato based sauces can deeply stain teeth as they have a high level of acidity in them and have dark red hues. Also dressings and barbecue sauces are known to have a high staining power.

Curry: This popular Indian Spice is a well known tooth stainer. It has a natural yellow color and leaves a reddish tinge to the teeth.

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Dental Emergency

A dental emergency can occur at any time of your life. It could occur following even the slightest trauma or it could be because of poor dental health. We can control some types of dental emergencies by seeking professional dental care regularly because most of such dental issues take months or years to develop. Only an expert eye and technology can help you figure out the possible dental problem which may be starting to appear deep inside your tooth. Apart from following good, preventive dental care it is also wise to be prepared and know about the common dental emergencies and techniques to tackle them in case one arises.


General Dental Emergencies

Broken Tooth

This is very painful and needs immediate attention of the dentist. If the nerve of the tooth is exposed, it could hurt a lot. It is better to the see the dentist as soon as possible in order to get relieve from the pain and also save the broken tooth.  If there is swelling, an anti-inflammatory medication may be taken however Aspirin must be avoided for it may cause problems in clotting once the tooth is taken out. Also check with your dentist or the emergency helpline.

Jaw Injury

Ice or cold compress immediately if you suspect you have broken or dislocated your jaw. Visit the dentist as soon as possible.

Painful Swelling

Dental swelling calls for emergency as it is due to an infection named abscess which could be fatal. Apply cold compress to the area, rinse it with salt water and make sure your head remains elevated. Most of the medicines won’t work to ease the pain and dental procedure is required to drain the infection. However before applying any medication or procedure, do speak to the dentist or call the emergency helpline

Loose Tooth

See the dentist as soon as possible if your tooth is loose. A quick dental checkup may save the tooth. Until you get to the dentist. Avoid touching the tooth and limit its movement. Your dentist will check if it could be saved or Dental Implant is required.


This infection may develop when your molars erupt. If you experience swollen or irritated gums, bad odor in mouth and inability to open your mouth then call your dentist right away.

Sudden Toothache

If there is a sudden toothache, the first thing you may do is clean your mouth; floss around the tooth in order to make sure nothing is lodged in between your teeth. If not, visit the dentist and get help immediately because it may be gum infection or a tooth problem.

Knocked out Tooth

If you knock out a tooth, clean it and remove any dirt from it. Don’t scrub it but gently rinse it. Place the tooth in a milk solution which will act as a preservative and may enhance the chances of re-implantation. Call your dentist immediately and have him gauge the success of re-implantation.

Damage to Dental Crown or Braces

These are the emergencies which may occur despite regular dental care. They call for immediate dental instructions and help in order to prevent any further damage to the Dental Crown or Braces.

At Alexandra park dental practice in Woodgreen, N22, we offer dental emergencies. If you require an urgent treatment, please call us, where ever is possible we will try to accommodate you on the same day.

You can book your appointment by calling us on 0208 829 8555 or visit our website:

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