White Fillings in Wood Green

As an alternative to the silver fillings, we offer Whitening fillings to our patients in Wood Green. We use the best quality material and match the color of the fillings with your teeth color, to give a natural feel to any onlooker.
Our dentists are very experienced in the filling and will make sure that the new fillings in your teeth fit properly to give the natural bite.

Are they as good as silver fillings?

With the advancement in dentistry, white fillings are as good as any silver fillings. The durability of the fillings also depends on the quality of the material used. At Alexandra Park Dental Practice in Wood Green, we use high-quality materials to give the best results for our patients.

Is it worth replacing my amalgam fillings with white ones?
If you are not happy with your old filling or if it is worn out, then speak to our friendly dentist and they can advise on the suitability of white fillings for you.
To discuss white fillings further, please contact our friendly team on 020 8829 8555

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