“ My experience with dentists is not one of the best and having been born in the early 70s did not help either.

Perhaps due to certain predisposition and diet, I’ve suffered a lot from tooth decay and by the age of 11 I had already had a molar extracted (I still believe the extraction was unnecessary but, 30 years ago, it was a quite common thing to do if a tooth had severe decay).

Things did not get any better and by my late 20s most of my teeth had fillings, several crowns and a bridge (second extraction already taken place- this time well needed as a granduloma had developed underneath a decaying tooth).

Needless to say that all the work done on my mouth was not going to last forever. In fact, in March 2013, two teeth broke irreparably and I found myself with several teeth missing. I felt awful and was embarrassed to smile. Eating was hard too as I could no longer chew properly. I needed to get that sorted ASAP!

I went in search of a good dentist and after three consultations with different dentists, I was referred to Dr Punit.

What came next was a bit of a shock to me. After examining my situation, Dr Punit discovered that I had several infections.

Very calmly, Dr Punit explained to me that my mouth was in a such a bad state there were not quick fixes and the work I needed to have done would take at least 8 months

This was at first very demoralising and I cannot deny that I also got very worried about going through such a long and expensive treatment.

Nevertheless, after giving it some serious thought, I trusted what Dr Punit had told me and we began.

I would be lying if I said that I was not scared or stressed. Time passed by and it was really frustrating not to be able to eat the food I wanted. However everything went well in the end. The treatment lasted nearly 11 months and I had a total of 5 implants, 2 crowns , 2 root canals and a couple of filings done.

I can now be finally proud of my teeth. The infections aren’t there anymore and Dr Punit restored my smile and confidence in dentists.

Most importantly I can now chew proper food. Implants are the way forward and I cannot recommending them enough.

If you are thinking about getting your smile back, do not hesitate to see Dr Punit. You will not regret it ”
– Sauro

“A very professional & personal approach from all members of the team. The implant procedure was easy & went according to plan: a pleasant experience!! Thank you.”

“Didn’t really like dentists until now! Thanks for being so patient and for giving me a lovely smile!”

“Petrified having a root canal treatment. Felt absolutely nothing. Brilliant. No more anxiety. Love the professionalism and the fact they make you feel welcomed and relaxed. Brilliant and thank you.”

“Thank you for being so caring and understanding and most importantly helping me overcome my fears and not live in pain anymore! From reception to treatment, everyone is so nice and professional.”

“Just had an implant, it is great already. Thank you so much. I felt really well looked after.”

“Very friendly, informative and punctual.”

“Dr Punit was very calm, sensitive and reassured me that my teeth were ok.”
“What an excellent dentist and practice as a whole. Priya’s the best dentist I have visited in years. Excellent dental work, communication and patient care. The same service was carried out at reception. Thanks all. PS. Hygienist good too!”

“Priya, you know that I shall always be thankful to you for the care you take and the smile you brought back to my life.”

“An excellent scale and polish by Sally. A really friendly and welcoming dentist – I wish I had come here years ago.”

“Punit is so kind and gentle – I may at last have overcome my fear of dentists. Thank-you.”

“I had so been dreading coming back to the dentist and had neglected my teeth and also having chronic asthma doesn’t help. But when I saw Priya I wondered why I had left it so long. Great treatment. Thank you. Receptionist was helpful also.”

“Thanks very much for being so careful and kind.”

“For years I hated and put off going to the dentist – but since I came here, I have actually looked forward to it.”

“I dreaded my fillings being a bronchitic etc. Priya is so patient, and gentle. Her kind personality gave me the encouragement I needed. Thanks a million. Words are inadequate when Priya has helped me overcome my fears.”

“Thank you so much for your expert treatment, you have given me back my smile after my accident –wonderful!”

“This really is the best dental practice that I’ve ever been to! I really appreciate being told what will happen next and being asked if I’m ok, whilst in the chair. Thanks for your care and kindness.”

“Probably the best hygienist ever and a good dentist throughout!”

“A wonderful dental practice. Thank you for your professionalism and kindness.”

“Just wanted to say a big thank you for all your kindness and patience when explaining things to me and looking after me when I’ve been nervous or unsure. Every patient is lucky to have you!!”

“Thank you for being patient with me. Very pleased with the outcome. Thanks again. I can smile with confidence.”

“Having used quite a few dentists in my travels, I have found Dr Punit particularly gentle, kindly and in fact excellent. Many Thanks.”

“‘A brilliant, fantastic job by Dr Punit and his team – and very gentle and thoughtful with it. With real gratitude.”

“‘May i add to the comments by saying how professional Dr Punit has been throughout my time at the practice. Although my treatment was very expensive paying by instalments was a great help. Thanks for the excellent job and merry Xmas to all at the practice.”

“Gentle as always, so appreciated.”

“‘What a wonderful man Mr Shah is! He took care of my daughter and grandchildren in a patient and caring manner.”

“doctor is super! Makes me feel comfortable and my teeth/implants are perfect. Thank you doctor!”

“‘Wow Best dentist ever! Didn’t feel no pain in procedure tooth pulled. Very caring put me at ease. Now no fear of dental work. Fantastic man. P.s. Staff nice as well.”

“‘Excellent. My implant surgery was worth the wait. Friendly staff and great dentist that made me feel at ease…. and i’m not the best patient! Thank you very much.”

“‘Very good treatment. Pleased with results. Punit was very kind, gentle, very understanding. Thank you so much.”

“‘Treatment: front tooth implant, treatment between January and August 2009. This is a treatment that i had been putting off for about 15 years. It is a long and expensive process and required me to be without a front tooth for 8 months. As such, a lot of good quality service and reassurance was required to get me through these months. I really did get this with Dr Shah. He explained everything that would happen in detail so that i knew what to expect. The temporary denture was excellent. The final implant looks great. As other patients have mentioned, dr shah is very kind and gentle- not your stereotypical dentist!”

“Having six caps including a bridge over a year long period which included preparatory work is a long procedure. Throughout this time i can honestly say i have been absolutely delighted. I am particularly frightened of the dentist and as such have avoided going whenever i could. If only i had found this practice years ago! In conclusion: a wonderful, professional and very reasonably priced service.”
From a fellow dentist….

“Not every dentist can be trusted to treat a family member. I am truly thankful that you treated my brother. He has now got a stable dentition which he should be able to maintain thanks to you. Thank you.”

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