Facial Rejuvenation is the use of different cosmetic procedures which restores your facial features to their previous youthful look. Cosmetic Dentists use the insights of facial rejuvenation to enhance dental procedures and smiles of the patients. Mostly Non-surgical procedures which include botox can be used for volume enhancement and eradication of wrinkles.

Here is why you should consider Facial Rejuvenation Treatment;

  •        If you wish to reverse the signs of aging and restore your youthful appearance
  •        If there is loss of volume in your cheekbones and contour along your jaw line
  •        If there are fine lines or folds around the mouth, frown lines on the forehead and crow’s feet
  •        If there is wrinkles around the eyes

At Alexandra Park dental practice we wish to assist our clients in making your facial rejuvenation decision. There are many reasons to opt it or not opt for it. It all depends on you! If you have been wishing for a perfect Hollywood smile without any fine lines or wrinkles ruining the look, then you should talk to us. We will discuss the pros and cons of the various procedures and let you decide you for yourself.


Enhancing Your Appearance

The elective methods of Facial rejuvenation can help you look and feel your best. Our cosmetic dentists usually see patients who do not just want a pearly white smile but also a flawless facial structure without the appearance of fine lines.

Boost Self Confidence

It is a known fact that if you feel good in your skin and with your look you are more likely to be  self-confident. Facial rejuvenation does just that for you! It can magically turn back time for you, boosting your self-confidence which usually withers away with age.

Fight Aging

The society today aims for processes and treatments that fight aging. Spots, lines and wrinkles on the face are all signs of aging. What could be a better way to fight aging than Facial rejuvenation treatments? Some of the treatments do require surgery but there are simpler ones, which are preferred by many cosmetic dentists as they are minimally invasive and also highly effective. With just one or two treatments you can be on the way to a younger version of you!

If you feel that cosmetic dentistry which is assisted with facial treatments is the right option for you then speak to our friendly dentists. Give us a call or request for an appointment by clicking here and we’ll make sure that you get the right sort of assistance. Currently, we are offering special prices on facial rejuvenation treatment, for any three area £150.

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