How to manage when a tooth crown or cap comes off

A tooth crown [ or cap] is placed by a dentist on your tooth for several reasons. It may be for the protection of the underlying tooth or cosmetic improvement. There are several different varieties and materials of such crowns made from metal, gold, porcelain, zirconia alone or in combination like metal and porcelain.  They can be on the front or back teeth. Some may have an attachment to it called a post that fits onto the tooth root.

If you notice that a crown is loose,

  1. DO NOT PULL IT OFF as it may damage or break the underlying tooth
  2. It may be sensitive on that tooth
  3. Try and eat soft food on the other side of the mouth
  4. Contact your dentist for advice to gently remove the crown and recement it if possible

If your crown has come off completely,

  1. DO NOT PUT IT BACK WITHOUT A CEMENT as there is a risk of swallowing it
  2. Keep the crown safe in a little pot and stored in some cleaning solution like soap and water
  3. Keep the tooth area clean with a brush and interdental floss or brushes
  4. Contact your dentist for advice to recement the crown if possible
  5. In certain emergency dental kits, there are temporary cement that you may be able to mix, fill the crown to 1/3rd by ½ with this cement and put back in the mouth. Be sure to put it in the correct way round and bite hard on it once it is in the mouth to make sure the other teeth fit properly. You can usually clean any excess cement with floss.


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