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Foods that are causing tooth discoloration

Our teeth are the first to come in contact with the foods we eat which makes them highly vulnerable and susceptible to stains since the enamel of teeth is porous. Colors of the food and drinks are absorbed by the teeth and stains become embedded leading to a yellow appearance. However it is not just […]

Dental Emergency

A dental emergency can occur at any time of your life. It could occur following even the slightest trauma or it could be because of poor dental health. We can control some types of dental emergencies by seeking professional dental care regularly because most of such dental issues take months or years to develop. Only […]

All you need to know about Anti Wrinkle Treatments

There are many different types of anti-wrinkle treatments to choose from which can greatly improve your wrinkles and the sun damaged skin. All these may follow different steps but achieve the same goal, which is clearing of wrinkles and turning back time for you. As we age, our faces lose its fullness. Smile lines and […]

A Youthful Smile With Modern Dentistry And Facial Rejuvenation

Not everyone is born with the perfect, white and straight smile. If you are blessed with straight teeth and perfect teeth alignment then count yourself lucky. Most of the people are not endowed with such a blessing. In order to get the perfect smile that is aesthetically pleasing and also faultless in structure, it is […]

Dental Emergency

Dental emergency is generally used as a blanket term to describe any issue involving the teeth and their supporting tissues , requiring treatment as early as possible by a dental professional. Dental emergencies are not always accompanied by pain, but it can be a significant marker that something needs to be examined. The pain can arise […]

Difference between Implants and Dentures

Modern research suggests that about 77% of people, falling within the age group of 35-54 years, have at least one missing tooth because of an accident, tooth decay, gum disease or dental fractures. To treat a missing tooth, there are two main options available: –         Dental Implants –         Dentures Dental implants are replacement tooth roots, […]

Dental Treatments at Alexandra Park Dental and Implants Centre

Alexandra Park Dental Practice and Referral Centre is an example of excellence and distinction for dentistry in the area of Wood Green, London. Our team comprises of award winning dentists, who are known for their brilliance in the field of dentistry. At our clinic, a wide array of treatments is provided to our much worthy […]


A dental implant is a product of modern technology, which has transformed the face of dentistry over the past 25 years. Essentially, they are a replacement for one or multiple teeth and are recognized as one of the most effective replacement methods. No matter how the tooth (or teeth) got lost due to an accident […]

What is a Dental Hygienist Visit?

Dental hygienists are qualified professionals who are skilled to look after the oral health of patients. Dental hygienists are trained to clean and giving advice to patients on how to maintain a healthy oral condition. To ensure the fit state of your teeth, one should pay regular visits to a dental hygienist. A hygienist visit […]